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At the end of October 2020, a scientific study shows the presence of toxins hidden by the industrialists in 14 pesticides found in supermarkets! With you, let's launch an unprecedented legal action to demand the withdrawal of the incriminated products and the questioning of the pesticide evaluation system in France and Europe. This is a historic opportunity to protect our health, our farmers and children one. Support the "Toxic Secrets" legal action. Going further

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Revelation: a scientific study proves the presence of undeclared toxic products on the labels of 14 pesticides.

For 40 years, whistleblowers and NGOs have been concerned about the impact of pesticides on our health and have questioned the marketing authorization systems. In October 2020, the latest study by Gilles-Eric Séralini and Gérald Jungers reveals that 14 herbicides contain arsenic, heavy metals, and other toxic carcinogenic substances not declared on the labels. These researchers once again denounce the methods used to evaluate pesticides: only the "declared active ingredient" is evaluated for its long-term toxicity.

Should we, therefore, consider that the other substances, used by our farmers and by our neighbors in their gardens in the complete formula, are necessarily harmless? The study proves the contrary! 

They support the campaign :

An unprecedented lawsuit to demand the withdrawal of the products!

Today it is thanks to justice that we wish, with you, to move the lines! 

8 associations file a complaint on December 1st : 

  • complaint against X for labeling fraud, endangering the lives of others and environmental damage to demand as soon as possible the withdrawal of these products, and the condemnation of those responsible;
  • complaint against the French State for wrongful deficiencies in order to question the current systems of evaluation of the pesticides that we find in our stores, on our vegetables, in our water and the blood of our children! In order to correctly assess the risks related to the use of pesticides, European regulations have recognized since 2019 the need for an evaluation of the complete composition. This work has apparently not been done for these 14 pesticides, and for how many others? 

It is a question of public health, but also of democracy: let's take back the power over the industrialists! This lawsuit is a unique opportunity to reveal the flaws of a breathless system that affects our health and exhausts our finances (through CAP subsidies massively oriented towards supporting chemical agriculture and medical costs related to chronic diseases). 

Let's denounce this massive fraud, force manufacturers to respect the law, demand an end to toxic products and the protection of our health and environment.

Support the legal action. Personal data will not be sold or given away. They will be used only for the campaign.

Today, let's demand justice for our health!

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Let's launch an unprecedented legal action: demand the withdrawal of the incriminated products. Join us! 

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